“Operation Cow Leg is Run By Thieves”- Alhaji Grunsah

“If you are doing operation and you kill the animals, leave the animals there, don’t take it. They kill the animals and take the meat, that is stealing, they are thieves!” The opening remarks by Alhaji Grunsah when he joined the Morning Xpress with host Kofi Oppong Asamoah.

He was also joined by Alhaji Adha who said “We are not happy for all that is happening…We are Ghanaian citizens and have been there for over 17 good years without having any problems with the farmers and the people. It’s a season, and every year during the dry season the migration cows come to Agogo and whenever they get to Agogo there are always issues.”

According to Alhaji Adha, sometime last week they met with the elders to have a meeting to address the issues at Agogo. The MP for the area along with the assemblyman were present at that meeting and asked that the Fulani men were to re-register themselves there with each person paying  GHC 50,000 as registration fee, and all the Ghanaians there accepted and are yet to hear from them.

“All of a sudden they started killing the cows, they brought military men and they went to the bush and they started firing the cows,” he fumed out.

He further disclosed that the cows that were killed were not even that of the Ghanaians who lived there but they belonged to the Fulani men in the region.

“When we heard the incident of the shooting of the policemen, we were not happy about that. After the killing of the 214 animals they even sent the meat away.” He added that he had evidence in the form of pictures of the first animals that were killed and it showed they belonged to the Fulani men.

According to Grunsah, he called the regional minister, and also spoke with the minister of national security and “he [minister of national security] even told me he doesn’t know what is happening, that he is in the house.”

In what seemed like a threat by Alhaji Grunsah to the Regional Minister saying “if the people say they dont want me then i will carry my cows and bring them to the regional office in the Ashanti Region,” Alhaji Grunsah claimed that the regional minister responded to hi  on a platform somewhere saying “he can take his cows to heaven for all i care.”

Alhaji Grunsah explained that he takes no offense in the regional minister’s remarks and that they are always on their knees begging the authorities to help them bring a solution to this problem.

Earlier in the conversation Alhaji Adha made mention of some popular names in the area who owned cows and disclosed the number of animals they have lost.

“Today they killed almost 79 of my cows including their young ones, they killed Asadu’s (CEO of Asadu Royal Waste) 15 cows and shot the young boy taking care of them, they killed 27 of Sulley’s cows, they killed 17 of David’s cows and 32 of the doctor’s cows had been shot.”

They were both speaking on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ 93.1MHZ.

Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/93.1MHz