People Of Bukom Asked Me To Silence Bukom Banku – Bastie Samir

Undefeated former captain of Ghana’s amateur boxing team, Bastie Samir, has revealed that he was called by residents of Bukom to beat Braimah Kamoko, otherwise known as Bukom Banku.

Bastie in October 2017 ended Bukom Banku’s 28-0-0 unbeaten record that shot him to limelight in Ghana.

Speaking to Power FM Sports Editor, Nana Prempeh (British Man) on Celebrity Sports Talk Show on Friday, he said “Bukom Banku was disgracing the boxing profession in Ghana when he began beating ladies and threatening others so the Bukom people called me to silence him.”

The date of the bout kept changing since 2014 until 2017.

Bastie said he trained adequately to face Banku who had been unbeaten for many years.

“Banku is an experienced boxer,” he said but noted his attitude landed him the defeat he had at the Bukom Arena on the night.

Bukom Banku (left) Engaging Samir (Middle) In A Verbal Exchange After Signing The Fight Contract.

Prior to the much-anticipated bout, Bukom Banku vowed to knock Bastie out in the 6th round.

“I’ll beat him into a coma,” Banku kept telling journalists, but little did he know he had no support from his own people at Bukom.

“He even insulted my Dad so he also supported me to beat him, ” Bastie disclosed.

Banku started the fight and won the opening 2 rounds, but Samir’s recovery won him round 3 where he floored Banku.

Maintaining momentum, Samir’s punches delivery made him defeat Banku at the 7th round.

The bout was to travel to the 12th round but Roger Banor, the referee for the night, had to end the bout after weighing Banku’s misery.

The night ended with Samir’s record reading as (16-0-1, 15 KO’s), while Banku’s record read (30-1, 22 KO’s).

Speaking about the secret behind the victory, Samir said “prayers and training” kept him going.

“I don’t believe in Black power, I just pray.”

Before he became popular in Ghana, Bastie Samir had beaten Damon Reed, Billy Cunningham,Mavin Blair, Jacob Alvarez, Joseph Dunn, and Greg Hacket.

In 2016, Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions signed Bastie Samir and his junior brother Issa Samir.

Samir won silver in the welterweight division at the 2007 All-Africa Games.