Nana Addo Urged To Empower More Women In The NPP

President Akufo-Addo’s prediction that a woman will one day become President of Ghana, has been commended by gender activists.

But some critics are wondering if the average Ghanaian woman in leadership position or in active politics is really bold enough to weather the insults and all the dirty side of politicking.

Some have referred to neighboring Liberia which has set the pace within the sub region, but others argue the case of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was circumstantial.

Director at the Center for Gender Studies and Advocacy at the University of Ghana, Dr. James Dzisah welcomes the president’s comment but said he must first empower more women in his party, the NPP.

“I think the president made a very good vision statement, and of course the US have done over 200 years  of democracy an yet they’ve not; and I believe just like the president, I will have a female president. But the important thing now, in the immediate now is to have these major parties; to first and foremost elect female candidates before we can start talking about female presidents”.

Dr Dzisah said the country should not be talking about the prospects of a female president in vacuum but commitment must come from the major parties to move the agenda closer to reality by putting female candidates on the ballots.