Petitioner justifies why Amidu should be sanctioned


Abigail Elorm Mensah has justified why she and Evans Amankwah, members of the NDC has petitioned the NDC’s Executive Council concerning the anti-party behaviour of Martin Amidu.

According to her, the Former Attorney General has made statements with no evidence that has brought the party into disrepute.

In the petition, the members indicated Martin Amidu, the former Attorney General has made comments and publications that denigrates the party’s image.

The petitioners made reference to the articles Mr. Amidu published: “Below are some of the particulars of our claims under Paragraph 3 of this petition: That the Accused, in a media article published on or about 15th November, 2016, did call on voters to vote against the party or its presidential candidate in the 2016 general election.

That even after the Party has lost the presidential election and many of its seats in Parliament, the Accused, in a media article published on or about 29th July 2017, with flagship vehemence, did launch insults and largely unsubstantiated accusation at the Party’s Members of Parliament.

That in a media article published on or about 7th August, 2017, the Accused again alleged that the only reason why the Party’s government, former President or the leadership of the Party appointed Mrs. Charlotte Osei as the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission was to enable the said Mrs. Charlotte Osei help rig the 2016 election to the favour of the Party and its presidential and parliamentary candidates..”

Abigail Mensah told Prince Minkah, Host of the Morning Xpress, Mr Amidu could have raised his concerns about the activities of the party as a true member to party executives through the appropriate internal procedures to get the issues resolved than to make allegations.

She challenged Mr Amidu to provide data or evidence to prove his allegations adding that “it will be in the interest of the country for him to do so.”

Source: Ghana/