President Nana Addo Address UN

President Nana Akuffo Addo has expressed his government’s commitment to grow Ghana’s economy to open up opportunities for the progress and prosperity of all citizens.

Addressing heads of States at the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday, the President articulated his drive to embark on an accurate management of the countries resources to serve as a boost for the promotion of Ghana’s economic agenda.

While acknowledging that Ghana is nowhere near where she has to be, President Akuffo Addo added that his administration is determined to fully recognize her potential by curbing the over-reliance on foreign assistance.

“We want to build an economy that is not dependent on charity and handouts. Long and bitter experience has taught us no matter how generous the charity, we would remain poor. We want to build a Ghana which looks to the use of its own resources and their proper management as the way to engineer social and economic growth in our country. We want to build an economy that looks past commodities to position our country in the global marketplace. We are not disclaiming aid, but we do want to discard a mind-set of dependency and living on handouts; we want to build a Ghana beyond aid. It is an easier platform on which to build sustainable relationships”

President Nana Akuffo Addo also called for drastic reforms in the structure of the United Nations in its bid to ensure justice, peace and security of its member states. According to him, the UN provides the best vehicle to for the world to manage its many varied problems adding that the organizations risks losing its credibility if steps are not taken to improve on its current make-up.

The President however reiterated the need for regional integration to ensure peace and security on the African continent.

“I say nothing new, when I draw attention to the urgent need to reform this Organisation. It has been talked about and scheduled for a long time, but, somehow, we have never found the courage and the will to reform the United Nations. Ghana supports the process of UN Reform, especially of the UN Security Council, as set out in Africa’s Common Position on UN Reform, based on the Ezulwini Consensus. The time is long overdue to correct the longstanding injustice that the current structure and composition of the UN Security Council represent for the nations of Africa. We cannot continue to preach democracy and fairness around the world, we cannot insist on peace and justice around the world, when our global organisation is not seen by the majority of its members as having a structure that is just and fair. It is, indeed, seen by many as helping to perpetuate an unfair world order.”

The President however reiterated the need for regional integration to ensure peace and security on the African continent.

“I wish to reaffirm my country’s commitment to maintaining friendly and cordial relations with all the countries and peoples of the world. The full engagement of Ghana, through the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), in the process of West African integration, and through the African Union (AU), in the process of African integration, remains a goal of my government. Regional and continental integration are in Ghana’s interest, as they represent one of the surest ways towards establishing the conditions for prosperity in our region and on the continent in the decades ahead, as well as helping to ensure peace and security and combating the scourges of terrorism, extremism and intolerance.”