“Relationship Without Purpose Is No Relationship” – Mortagbe

The lead consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Krypton Global, Neil Armstrong Mortagbe, is advocating for purpose driven relationships among Ghanaians to realize success in businesses and other ventures.

He was speaking as a guest on the Winning series, a segment on the Morning Xpress where various issues are discussed every week day to guide listeners plan the year into accomplishment.

The former Accra Hearts of Oak Managing Director advised that Business entities and people who are hungry for success in 2018 must work on the relationship they build with stakeholders and make sure they have purpose in those relationships to enable them get to their aspirations.

“A relationship without purpose is not a relationship. . .You always have to start from purpose. .  The substance of the relationship is the Identification of the purpose,” he said and emphasized that it was time for people to focus on the purpose for which they maintain a relationship with others, and ensure it brings forth benefits that will enhance their lives and businesses.

Mr. Mortagbe who is also the Commercial Director for XYZ Broadcasting continued that: “Everybody in our lives as individuals or in any existing entity for that matter has got to  first of all identify” the reason for the relationship and ask  themselves: “why am I in this relationship? What do I expect to gain from this relationship?”

“Until we establish a purpose for a relationship, that relationship doesn’t exist; it just exist in form; it doesn’t exist in substance,” he clarified.

This, he said, should be part of the objectives serious people need to grab and pen them down to their advantage.

“Write it on a paper. Set your objectives first for the year and find out the resources you need for the objectives” he urged and said relationship drives home success whether it is in “family, marital home, spouse, kids , your boss, peers, business contacts or your career links.”

He further posited that relationship, especially good ones should not be ruined in any form if it is a good one.

Community And Family

To Business owners, Mr. Mortagbe encouraged that they build and hold in esteem a relationship with the community in which they find themselves.

“Your Community has a stake in what you do. You need to design a plan that ensures that you remain in constant touch with people,” he said.

He also advised that family relationship is very imperative in the lives of people who have kids hence parents need to ensure that they always have a good relationship with their kids. He said it is to build a bond with the family.

Of friends and acquaintances, he called for the retention of good relationships that will add value to lives, saying: “The friends you have  will determine the quality of your life; the extent to which you are able to deliver on your mandate  to yourself as in career and your mandate to prosperity for whatever talents you were given by the creator.”

He stated emphatically that “Relationship is the basis for success [and] management of relationship is key to success” therefore people need to place premium on relationship and its purpose.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/Morning Xpress