Scrap All Ministries, Replace With NABCO-Bernard Monah

The National Chairman of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), Bernard Monah is calling for scraping the various Ministries in the country and replacing them with the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO).

Yesterday, President Akuffo commissioned the first batch of 100, 000 NABCO recruits who have been placed under various modules i.e Feed Ghana, Heal Ghana, Enterprise Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Educate Ghana, Civic Ghana and Digitize Ghana.

But speaking on “Ete Sen” on Radio XYZ on Thursday, October 18, Mr Monah observed that, there are various Ministries in charge of these sectors of the economy and questions the essence of NABCO.  “If our Ministries are incapable of handling all these, why do we keep them?………why don’t we scrap the Ministries and use NABCO? he questions.

He also described the Corps as a “one off employment for three years” and cast doubt the skills beneficiaries will acquire after the period as he quizzes “the graduate you employ to go and do teaching, do they also do teaching practise?………..let’s be careful else we will be bringing in pollutants he contends.

Mr Monah urged the President to bring all experts and stakeholders on board to discuss how to properly address Ghana’s unemployment problem devoid of political colorization as it is key to the development agenda of the country.


Source:Ghana/ Charles Akrofi