Quit The Laziness – GAWU Says To Minister of Environment

The General Agricultural Workers Union has described the decision by government to buy into the age old debate GMO crops as a lazy approach to solving problems facing the sector.

The General Secretary GAWU, Edward Karewah who was responding to assurances by the Minister for Environment, Professor Frimpong Boateng noted that Ghana’s agricultural sector problems do not need Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) crops as a solution.

“Once more, Ghana has lost its focus on what to do to solve its problems. Because when you look at the agricultural sector you will ask yourself is the problem about GMO. The agricultural sector is bedeviled with a number of challenges which we are failing to resolve. We think that GMO in itself will solve the challenges in the agricultural sector and that is a fallacy and a miscalculation in pushing this country forward.”

Professor Frimpong Boateng said government will not allow gene terminator technology that causes plant sterility to be used in the country.

But Mr Karewah believes the Minister of Environment is just bowing to pressure.

He said: “We don’t need to blame our farmers because policy makers take decisions and put it on people. If you flood the market with GMO seeds of course the farmers will use it. The policy is to make certain things available and other non-available. Instead of thinking hard to solve the problems of this country, the politicians are just buying in and taking up issues from the developed world which are not appropriate for us. If a country thinks GMO is good for them, they can go ahead but if you take a critical look at our problems with the agricultural sector it is not GMO that is going to do that for us. It’s a lazy way of solving our problems. This is the problem with our development agenda, we just import solutions from other countries instead of tailoring them to meet our problems.”


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/93.1MHz