Students Lined Up In Scorching Sun To Welcome President

Two second cycle institutions, Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School and Bolgatanga Technical Institute have sent students to the streets since 10 O’clock in the morning to welcome the President into the region.

The President is expected in the region by 2pm but the students have been lined up in their uniforms on the Bolgatanga, Navrongo highway.

The weather conditions is about 32 degrees Celsius in Bolga and students have been lined up since 11am till now and still waiting just to “say thank you Mr President for the free SHS” .

Some students who spoke to XYZ News said, they have been instructed by their headmasters to abandon classes and go to the streets because the President was on a visit.

“We have been told by our headmistress to come and line up here and welcome the president who is visiting this region” one of the students told XYZ reporter Samuel Mbura..

Another student also explained that lessons for the day has been cancelled.

“The lessons for the day have been cancelled because of the president’s visit.we have been here since 10am but we don’t even know he would pass here or not.”

The students in their red and white uniforms seen on the Bolga -Navrongo Highway have resorted to the nearby shady trees and stores to relax because of the weather conditions.

Meanwhile, no Tutors has made any appearance on the streets only a lonely police officer was seen standing with the students on the road.

Meanwhile, it is unclear as to whether the President would be coming directly to Bolga through the streets these students have been lined up from the upper West since information available to XYZ News indicates that, the President went by flight from Wa to Tamale to come by road to Bolga.

President Nana Akufo Addo is on a two day working visit to the upper east region to inspect some ongoing government projects.

He is expected to visit the upper east regional hospital, Bolga, Bawku -Plumako road, Vea Irrigation Dam and Tamne Dam.