Togo Crisis: Faure Must Take Action – Hanna Tetteh

Former Foreign Minister Madam Hanna Tetteh wants Togolese authorities to take action on the fragile security situation in the country before it gets out of hand.

According to her, Togo as an independent sovereign state, must take action to control the escalation of the violence that has seen over 300 Togolese refugees fleeing to Chereponi in Ghana’s Northern Region.

Speaking in an interview with XYZ News’ Kofi OppongAsamoah, Madam Hanna Tetteh noted that the reason why people are fleeing is because they anticipate violence and therefore afraid to stay in their country.

She also expects the security agencies to act professionally in containing the rampant street protests being staged by opposition elements against what they call the “Gnassingbe Dynasty” and advises both the feuding political blocs to be responsible in handling the situation.

“In every democracy, freedom of expression is part of the democratic process; the right to protest is normally a right that is acknowledged and enshrined in various constitutional documents. I’m not too familiar with the details of the Togolese constitution but because these are basic fundamental human rights, I think it would be the same in that case as well”; she said.

Even more challenging is the embattled Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe’s Chairmanship of Ecowas; which has seen the sub-regional bloc found to be sleeping on the potentially volatile situation.

“…I think that the responsibility really lies on President Faure to find ways of engaging with the opposition in a manner that allows this matter to be resolved peacefully; especially giving the fact that he is the chairman of Ecowas”, she said.

Ghana’s Former Foreign Minister further warns that Ghana as Togo’s West African neighbor should be concerned because the fleeing Togolese nationals would have some impact on the local population because not all refugees return to their stabilized countries.

Meanwhile; the Ghana Refugee board says it is closely monitoring the movements of the Togolese who are fleeing into the country.

Close to 300 Togolese have entered Chereponi, a district capital in northern Ghana since a nationwide revolt against the Gnassingbe family dynasty escalated to the north last week.

Speaking to XYZ NEWS, the Programme coordinator at the Ghana Refugee Board Tetteh Padi said as at Tuesday a total of about 320 Togolese have arrived in the country and that the board was ready to grant them a refugee status should they apply for one.

He revealed the Board was collaborating with the National Disaster Management Organisation on how best they could help the refugees in the country.


Source:Ghana/ Joe Bright Nyarko