Trainee Nurses Demand ‘’Alawa’’

The National Health Association of Ghana has issued a one week ultimatum to the Health Ministry and the Health Trainees Institution Secretariat to as a matter urgency address the bloating of fees and the delay in disbursing their allowances or face their wrath.

The association in a statement is asking government to explain why health students are being made to pay fees which are higher than students in the various universities under the Ministry of Education.

According to them, the students pay as low as GHC 1,450 per academic year for a degree certificate while they pay as high as GHC 4,850.

The students are also accusing government of failing to deliver on its promise of paying their allowances on time.

Below are excerpts of the statement



We the executive board of the Ghanaian Health Students through this release create the awareness of the President of the Republic, H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, Parliamentary select committee of Health, the Media and the General public about the bloating of Health Trainees School Fees and loop holes in trainees Allowance, for the ministry of Health and Health Training Institutions Secretariat to come out and explain the following to Ghanaians.

  1. Why Teacher training institutions received their Allowance on time but Health Trainees Allowances are delayed for at least five (5) months with promises and assurances.


  1. Why ten (10) months Health Trainees Allowance was budgeted for and the monies released to Ministry of Health to be disbursed to beneficiaries and yet students had to cry out loud before getting their monies. Who is keeping our monies? Ghanaians were not told the monies would be paid like drops of water. Who is sitting on the health trainees allowance? That is not what the health trainees were promised.

How many days does it take to load e-zwich cards?

Another shocking news to the Ghanaian Health Trainees is the bloated School Fees for the 2018/2019 Academic year. College of Health students are paying as high as GHC 4,850.00 per student (Residential) and GHC 3,210. 00 for non-residential students, Nursing and Midwifery Trainees are paying GHC 4,590.OO, School of Hygiene students are paying GHC 2,930.00 for just an academic year for a diploma certificate. Meanwhile some our health students in universities under the Ministry of Education pay as low as GHC 1,450.00 per academic year for a degree certificate.

Why is the Ministry of Health charging exorbitant fees to train health professionals for lower qualifications whiles Ministry of Education fees for the training of the same health professionals with even higher qualifications are very affordable?

We want to know from the stakeholders involved what these high fees extorted from the students are used for, or is it what is later recycled to pay their Allowances?

If it is because they are taking allowances which are not even paid for several months then a little clarification will do for the health trainee.


The Ghanaian Health Students and the general public demand an immediate response from the stakeholders involved.

We want to state it categorically and emphatically that if the issues stated are not addressed within a week ultimatum, Ministry of Health, and the Health Trainees Institution Secretariat should be ready to accommodate all affected students in their offices till the issue is solved.

We are hereby calling on all SRC Presidents, Bloc Presidents, and all NMA Presidents to mobilize their students to get ready for this action when the need arises.


Source:Ghana/ Afi Mansa Adimado/