We Fight With Our Competitors For Clients – CEO, UBA Ghana Ltd

MD of UBA Ghana Ltd, Madam Abiola Bawua has surprisingly revealed that, they as banks fight among themselves to provide services for certain customers. She made these remarks while speaking on the theme “Creating and Growing Wealth in Integrity,” as one of the 24 speakers for the Money and Investment Summit by XYZ Broadcasting Ltd. for the month of October.

She explained that, they even go to the extent of begging certain customers to come for loan facilities because of their reputation which was built on integrity.

“As a banker, I notice that people with integrity are people who are able to access a lot of support. We chase customers with money and we beg them to take loans. We beg them and even fight over each other,” she added.

She is of the belief that by acting with integrity, anyone can dare to be different, and be the standard everyone would want to look up to. “Without integrity, if you embark on any journey of wealth, it would be like pouring water into a basket. You will see people holding some wealth but it vanishes over time because of lack of integrity.”

She highlighted on some key areas she adopted and practised;

  • Think and dream Big
  • Be audacious, go for the highest
  • Plan for change
  • Live with 100% integrity

In conclusion, she advised people to “Be focused, say no to average, say no to excuses and say no to quitting.”