The Founder of the All Peoples’ Convention (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has started a social media campaign to discourage people from talking on their phones while charging them.

Mr Ayariga nearly got his ears and chin burnt had he not dropped a call while his Samsung Galaxy S5 was being charged on Sunday morning.

He said after receiving a call around 9:30 AM he heard a pop sound similar to the what carbonated drinks make when they are opened. When he checked to his amazement, the Samsung phone was already burning.

“Imagine what would have happened if had not ended the call? ” he told

Usually, this kind of stories, which look fabricated are read on social media but the politician says “it is real.”

Mr Ayariga’s damaged Samsung Galaxy S5

To him, he could have suffered shocks and burns had he extended his conversation on the phone.

“Good Morning fellow country men and women, at around 9.30am today after receiving a call from a friend I left my phone on charge and less than 5 mins my Samsung galaxy S5 started burning. Please it is real, do not charge phone and receive calls at the same time,” Mr Ayariga noted in a message which is in circulation on social media.

“A part of the table too got burnt,” he said while urging Ghanaians not to talk on their cell phones while charging them.


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