Women Are The Best At Multitasking

Nana Adwoa Awindor, a Ghanaian television host (Greetings from Abroad/Back Home Again fame) and the Development Queenmother of Afigya-Kwabre district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has disclosed on the Morning Xpress on Friday 5th January 2017, that women are the best at multitasking.

She said this when she took her seat as a sit-in guest for Nanayaa Tina Owusu Prempeh to discuss “Multitasking Effectively for Success.” She made her claim when the host of the Morning steered the conversation from a corporate environment and took it down the notch to the family setting.

In her definition she cleared the misconception that “Multitasking is not being able to write with your left hand and right hand at the same time, but actually the ability to be able to perform multiple tasks at the same time….And not just at the same time, because if you do it over a long period, it doesn’t become a multi task, but if you do it within a shorter period, then that is multitasking.” Her reason for that was explained as doing multiple activities over a longer period means you could have finished the tasks one after the other, but when you do so many things simultaneously over a shorter period and complete them, then you are multitasking.

“Women are the best at multitasking! It is not easy but it’s natural,” she stated.

At home women do marvelous things but you would not get a woman doing one thing standing.” She explained that most of the time you would find a woman listening to the radio, heating water with a kettle, setting the bed and doing other things. That is a lot of brain activity and all these are mostly done before she leaves to work.

Multiple Media Tasking

People now use their minds and brain in doing multiple media tasking. You find people nowadays listening to music while working, at the same time reading articles and posts online whiles texting with multiple contacts on their phones. This is a theory she explained with regards to how the recent generation undertake multiple activities simultaneously. A concept which would have been described as complex in the past.

“Young ones should be careful about how they invest all the time in doing this and rather focus on what else is around them,” she cautioned.

“Am I home? Am I learning how to cook? How am I going to be a responsible woman at the end of the day?” these are questions she rhetorically asked the listeners of the Morning Xpress as she advised the younger ones listening. With examples of women of today who end up calling their mothers for help when faced with hustles of their new homes, she advised that as much as we multitask a lot, we should not ignore the basic lessons we could learn from home.

Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/MorningXpress