A business consultant, Rev.Dr. Kofi Addison has made a shocking revelation today, when he joined the Morning Xpress of Radio XYZ.

He stated, “If you’re fond of always greeting your boss, you would end up losing your job.” Anytime you are the one to greet your boss he always responds while looking at the time you got in, he explained. We should develop a behavior of being the boss who gets in to work early to respond to the greetings from the boss.

He is one of the 24 speakers brought together by XYZ Broadcasting Limited to speak on the theme: “Creating and Growing Wealth In Integrity” which takes place each weekday of the Money and Investment Month in October.

He concluded that anyone who wanted to be wealthy should learn how to create wealth. Adding that he had 3 principles which he adapted in his lifetime which he called the 3 roads to success;

  • If your expenditure is more than your income then you’re on the road to failure.
  • If your expenditure is equal to your income then you’re on the road to an average lifestyle.
  • If your expenditure is less than your income then you’re on the road to success.

Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/

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