118 Biggest Scandals that ever happened in Ghana under Akufo-Addo (Page 1)

Below is a list of scandals that have happened under the government of Akufo-Addo


1. Ghana’s mineral royalties gifted to family and friends of Akufo-Addo

2. Flagstaff House involved in the fuel smuggling business

3. $12 million worth of fertilizers disappear yet again

4. 500 seized galamsey excavators disappear

5. Seized gold bars worth $150 million, guns, pickups from galamsey sites missing

6. Akuffo-Addo grants $24 million tax waivers to his in-law to build a private hotel at plush airport area

7. 700 motorbikes, 600 tricycles missing at Northern Development Authority

8. President blows 62 million on foreign travels in 9 months in 2019

9. Government demands 25% cut from contractors on debts owed them before payment is made.

10. Government buys Daewoo buses valued at $75,000 for $175,000 for Metro Mass Transit

11. Government takes $22 million to implement Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

12. Zongo, Upper East Regional Ministers blow Ghc1.2 million on green grass under the guise of building astroturf

13. Atta Akyea signs two contracts again for August and December 2018 to the tune of $4.483 billion and $43.827 billion respectively without parliamentary approval

14. Minister for Works and Housing gifted NPP chairperson for Germany $34.4 billion (Ghc189 trillion) contract to build affordable houses in October, 2018 without due process

15. Atta Akyea signs contract worth $961 million for the construction of houses without parliamentary approval in August 2018

16. National Youth Authority blows Ghc4,525,500 on sole sourced contract without approval from PPA to train 500 youth in street light repairs. This places the cost at Ghc9,051 per participant

17. Contracts for sale at Public Procurement Authority (PPA) under the Minister for Procurement

18. PDS fraudulent deal, company packaged and shared among cronies under fraudulent means

19. NPP government officials and party members neck deep in illegal rosewood trade despite ban according to US based EIA under cover investigation

20. $10 million wasted on Cocoa roads Audit

21. $4.5 million AfCON profligate expenditure

22. Ministry of Finance pays Ghc1 million to Kroll Associates for no work done – Auditor General

23. 12 top state infrastructure designs sole-sourced to one firm

24. Ghc283 million paid in judgment debt

25. Ghc3 million renovated warehouses defective

26. Appointment of Kwame Owusu (Iceman) as board chairman for GRA after installing 11 ACs in the two-bedroom facility

27. Ghc9.6 billion lost to corruption since 2017

28. $17,000 per hour private jet hired by the president to tour the world

29. Mac Manu fingered in $1.5 billion MPS deal

30. Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company increases allowances by 400%



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