More influential Ghanaians, celebrities join #FixTheCountry campaign

The #FixTheCountry campaign has so far been joined by over 55,000 people and pressure keeps piling up on the government to admit that it has failed Ghanaians.

Yesterday media portals reported that there were over 240,000 tweets within 24hours but as of yesterday, more than 550,000 tweets had been recorded since Sunday.

Most of the issues raised bother on the worsening economic condition in the country, growing impunity, corruption, abandoned roads, challenges facing the health and the education sector among others.

2020 presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party, Ivor Greenstreet, who has been commenting on the development has been blunt.

He simply says Ghanaians should bear the consequences of their electoral choice.

“I’m surprised [that] after just a short period of time, they are complaining”. “They voted for them and they voted to put them back in office”, he charged.

Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, the President’s Cousin many see as one of the schemers in a tweet said…..”I miss the days when NDC was in power. We have issues but we will get there.”

Founding member of Policy Think Tank IMANI Africa, Franklyn Cudjoe also wrote: ”Dear government, all the citizens are saying to you is #FixTheCountry because you begged for power and got it and not to tell them to shut up. True you are fixing but it does appear the fixing needs some super speed.”

Conveners of the #FixTheCountry intend to embark on a demonstration this Sunday but the Police has served notice that won’t be countenanced.

Senior Lecturer at the Accounts and Finance Department of the Accra Technical University who has been following the trend of events said the youth may have been fed up because all influencial bodies who must put government to check are sleeping.

Dr Ibrahim Zubeiru said the arrogance exhibited during Nana Akufo-Addo’s first term has hit a wall and its either the President admits there is crisis and calls for national dialogue on the economy or prepare to face more pressure.

The Senior University Don expressed surprise at the posture of the Police warning that any attempt to hide behind COVID-19 to suppress the people could be disasterous.

Source:| Ghana

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