5 scandalous probes by Martin Amidu that could have saved Ghana’s economy

Before leaving office, resigned Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu Esquire had an excellent ongoing investigation work that would have served in the interest of the country.

Yesterday, Martin Amidu set out his position regarding concerns that were based on the president’s poking his nose and interference in his investigations.

Many scandalous transactions that were engulfed around the current government NPP would have been dug out by his investigative work.

Ghana is at a place where an anti-corruption crusade is loosening its effervescence and footing.

Included in these major investigative probes are:

1. Freddy Blay’s campaign buses scandal in [2018]

2. Mahama Ayariga abuse of office scandal in [2018]

3. Charles Bissue galamsey fraud in [2019]

4. PPA contracts for sale scandal in [2019]

5. Airbus bribery scandal in [2020]

6. Agyapa mineral royalties risk assessment in [2020]


These were major probes that would have saved the Ghanaian economy. What is the way forward for Ghanaians?

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