9 Dead in renewed Bawku clashes

At least nine persons have been confirmed dead in fresh clashes in Bawku in the Upper East Region.

The violence according to sources was triggered by reprisal attacks following the killing of three persons last Sunday by unkown assailants.

There are reports of several persons injured with some in critical condition after the sporadic shooting thoughout Sunday night and Monday despite heavy Police-military presence in the area.

Last Sunday, the exchange of gun fire, damaged a transformer resulting in power outage in the area, a situation feuding factions took advantage of to spread the mayhem.

The development has left many residents indoors while businesses in the central business district remain closed.

Myxyzonline sources within the Bawku township say there is relative calm after the reinforcement of the Police and military personnel patrolling streets and neighbouring communities.

Their presence gave protection to NEDCo staff who have since repaired a damaged transformer to restore power to affected areas.

The protracted chieftaincy dispute in Bawku has been described as worrying especially because of the negative impact on the economy and the livelihood of poor farming communities and residents in general.

Companies are revising their staff presence while many civil servants are relocating for fear of their lives and that of their families.

On Wednesday, the National Peace Council, which has been mediating in the conflict for the past two decades, made yet another appeal to the factional leaders to bring their warlords to order.

Chairman of the Council, Rev. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, who was addressing a news conference to commemorate the International Day of Peace, in Accra, also made a passionate appeal to traditional authorities during an emergency Regional Security Council meeting to to help end the killings.

“Ghana is a peaceful country and the recent shooting incident in the Bawku community is disturbing the peace of residents in the community and the country in general. I am not sure anybody involved in the conflict is happy that children are not in school, the sick cannot access health services, the movement of goods and people have been restricted and freedoms curtailed,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the dusk to dawn curfew (6:00pm to 6:00am) imposed on the Bawku Municipality is still in full force.




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