A man is obligated to cater for his baby mama for atleast 6 months – Social Welfare

Deputy Director in charge of children and family welfare  Fred Sakyi Boafo has revealed that,  it’s the responsibility of a man to carter for his baby mama for atleast 6 months.

According to Mr Sakyi,  the law demand that a man should atleast carter for his baby mama for atleast 6 months after delivery.

“It’s alright to take care of your child but what of the person you gave birth with and the law says even if you have a child with someone and you don’t want to take responsibilities of the woman atleast you should be able to carter for her for 9 months after her delivery”

In an interview on “My Lawyer My Counselor” show hosted by Dakyehene Ofosu Agyeman, the Deputy Director in charge for children and women welfare revealed that,  it’s wrong for a man to decide not to carter for his baby mama.


“We have some people who say they wouldn’t take care of the woman after they deliver but rather carter for the child it’s wrong that’s not how it works”, he stressed.


Nevertheless according to the “ Children Act” a man is mandated to take care of both his baby mama and baby.

“According to the children right act the man is mandated to take care of both the woman and the child atleast for 9 months before you opt to take care of just your child”, he added.



AN ACT to reform and consolidate the law relating to children, to provide for the rights of the child, maintenance and adoption, regulate child labour and apprenticeship, for ancillary matters concerning children generally and to provide for related matters.

Watch the video below;


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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