Abeiku Santana in fresh trouble

Pro Ghanaian telecaster, Abeiku Santana is in genuine difficulty after a video of him crushing the rear of an under matured Achimota School understudy has viral via online media.

Yesterday was Black Friday and in celebration of the day, he held his evening show ‘Ekwansodwoodwoo’ Black Friday release at the Achimota Retail focus.

A couple of artists, for example, Dope Nation, Article Wan, among others came to perform.

A couple of young ladies having all the earmarks of being in their youngsters likewise came to showcase their ability. They sang, danced, and made versions of a well-known melody.

Presently, during the moving meeting, the understudies chose to flaunt their twerking aptitudes and Abeiku who was up to speed in the elation additionally chose to go along with them.

He granulated the rear of one of the young ladies and some netizens are genuinely insulted because they feel he ought to have known better.

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