Adultery is not a crime – CID

Head of Legal and Prosecution at the CID headquarters, Sylvester Asare (ASP), Esq. has asserted that adultery is not a crime.

According to the ASP adultery may serve as a moral right but not a crime.

“For instance what we call adultery is not a crime but it will serve as a moral right looking at your spiritualities”

In an interview with Dakyehene Ofosu Agyemang on “My Lawyer My Counselor” on TV XYZ the head of CID said;

“When it comes to crime let’s say when you come to the police station and you report that your partner has cheated which the Bible calls it adultery, we the police,  we know is not a crime because that particular conduct of adultery has not been defined in the law as crime and there’s no punishment for that “


However, If two people decide to fight over a man the police is not interested in the case at hand but the assault.


“if two people decide to fight over a man and they involve in a fight the police will only be interested in the assault not the case itself”




By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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