Afrochella organizers insist Asakaa Boys were paid; payment receipt on TV show 800

The Asakaa Boys have stirred controversy on social media after they disclosed that they were not paid by Afrochella organizers.

During a Twitter space discussion that has gone viral, the drill music stars shared their plight of doing in music and revealed that they were not even paid for performing at the 2020 Afrochella festival.

Jaybahd, a member of the music group who was speaking on the Twitter space said “we performed at Afrochella for free because they said it’s COVID time, they didn’t pay us“.

In an excerpt of the conversation shared by award-winning Ghanaian blogger, Sika Official, the rapper lamented that “last year was a perfect year for them to give us money to perform but everybody saw what happened“.

Following this revelation, co-founders of the music and arts festival, Edward Asafu Adjaye and Ken Agyapong Jnr granted an interview on Joy Prime where they insisted that their outfit paid the Kumerican music stars.

They offered a receipt to confirm the Asakaa Boys. During a live broadcast of their interview, the host of the show, Jay Foley, who was given the receipt read out some part of it.

Rocky Boateng is the manager, he did receive an amount here, I don’t want to mention the amount, that will spark another controversy and this is dated received on the 24th of December 2020 and another one is also dated 17th December as well,” Jay Foley read.

However, whilst reading, the receipt was displayed on the screen and it showed the figures “800“. This has since left tweeps if it means the Asakaa Boys were paid 800 cedis or what. Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us.





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