Ailing Free SHS needs fixing – Kale Caeser charges Gov’t

The deputy Director of Research for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr Kale Caesar has said the falling standard of Education in the country should be blamed on the NPP government.

Speaking on Morning Update on TV XYZ, the former deputy minister for Upper West region indicated that the Free Senior High School (FSHS) programme has reduced the quality of secondary education.

He said the current government, in search for power, campaigned on its flagship policy of FSHS just to win votes and not strengthening the educational structure of the country hence the forceful implementation of the FSHS.

” A policy that ought to bring relief to Ghanaians is rather creating problems in the second cycle education.You must ensure quality and not just implementing it to score a mere political point,” Caeser said.

“The  challenges in the various secondary schools are multi faceted and head masters and teachers are afraid to voice it out for fear of removal, intimidation and victimization,” he said whilst criticizing the Akufo-Addo government for the reneging on it’s mandate to fix the challenges in the education sector.

” Now the pregnancy rate in the various secondary schools are very alarming and there are no text books for students– something which is inimical to the progress of our educational system,” he added.

“It was sad in their maiden WASSCE then the Minister of education Matthew Opoku Prempah to have advised students to rely on past questions because the answers will eventually come from There.This is how our education has gotten to”

“Parents, NAGRAT and CHASS calling on the government for the review of the FSHS education is a clear indication that the education system is Bad.Quality FSHS is what Ghanaians are yearning for, education that will reflect on the lives of our brothers and sisters and not just passing examination” he told the host Eric Ahianyo .


By Odoom Lawrence|

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