Airports disinfection chemical very efficacious – Zoomlion

The chemical used in disinfecting the country’s airports and facilities is very efficacious, a manager at the Vector Control Unit of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Mrs. Akosua Konadu, has said.

Mrs. Konadu was speaking to journalists on Wednesday dawn during this month’s (August) disinfection operation at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Accra.

The exercise forms part of the monthly disinfection programme by Zoomlion for the country’s airports.

Mrs. Konadu stressed that the disinfection exercise has been concentrated more at the airports because they constitute key entry points into the country.

With the combined use of foggers, she indicated that the thick fog penetrates deep into possible hiding places for viruses and rid them for the safety of staff members and passengers.

The exercise also saw a team of sprayers from Zoomlion using different kinds of machines to spray all possible spots.

All exposed surfaces including door handles, tables, chairs, janitorial closets were not left out during the exercise. Other areas that were also fumigated include the parking lots at the KIA and its surroundings, including touchable surfaces outside.

The airport disinfection is done monthly to make the place safe, especially for the working staff and travellers.



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