Akufo-Addo campaign speeches suggests clearly that he is afraid of John Mahama

Political party campaigns, as we have seen in the past are full of verbal attacks. As the general elections 2020 gradually approaches, all the political parties in Ghana, are on their tours around the country to give their messages to Ghanaians. Currently, the incumbent president Nana Addo is on his tour around the Greater Accra Region while John Mahama of the NDC is also touring the Upper regions.

In voting, there are faithful voters. These voters are faithful to their political parties and cannot easily be convinced by mere messages from the opponents. There are also people who are not party faithful but make their decisions based on the situations at the ground level. These voters normally make their decisions some times back before the elections. There is another group of voters who also call the late deciders. Most late deciders make their final decisions on whom to vote for, during the political party’s final campaign messages, or on the voting day.

The 2020 campaigns for the ruling party NPP has so far been very interesting. In following the NPPs campaign tours, I realized that over 90% of the speeches are direct attacks on the NDCs John Mahama. It’s only in a few instances will you hear them talk about their achievements. Most of the things they told the people they met in the Greater Accra Region were all about John Mahama’s failures. The point now is, John Mahama’s failures are already known to Ghanaians. And that was why he was voted out and Nana and the NPP voted in.

In short times like this; the best thing a ruling party needs to concentrate on is delivering work reports to its citizens. The NPP won the 2016 elections based on massive promises and massive attacks on John Mahama’s administration. After winning power, and serving the first term, Ghanaians were expecting to hear repot from the promises you gave them, but are not hearing much on that. Ghanaians accepted the attacks from the NPP in 2016 because they were in opposition, and needed power. After winning power, John Mahama and the Ghanaian citizens have the right to hits them on their failures.

In my opinion, as a party in government, and as a sitting president, it is not right to shift from your campaign’s messages, and concentrate on attacks against your opponent. Also, in my opinion, attack messages do not win swing voters and undecided voters. Swing and the undecided voters, normally look consider your achievements in office. This type of voters needs evidence and works to be convinced and not attacks on the oppositions. The NPP should tell Ghanaians in detail, about their promises in 2016 and whether they are fulfilled or not.

When Nana Addo and the NPP continue throwing attacks on a party that is not in government, it could signal Ghanaians that the NPPs are very much afraid of John Mahama’s NDC.

Looking at the NPPs’ massive attacks on John Mahama everywhere they go, do you think it’s a sign that they fear him?

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