Akufo-Addo me to investigate John Mahama after winning the NDC’s flagbearer contest – Martin Amidu

The tussle between Akufo-Addo led government and the resignation of the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu from office for lack of independence to carry out his work as the Special Prosecutor is not just a place for the woman he wants to marry.

Revelations upon revelations are coming out daily which some Ghanaians are perceiving as not good for the Presidency.

Ghanaians are of the view some few days ago the former Special Prosecutor Mr. Martin Amidu was heard saying that, it would be in their own interests if they could put a stop to the blame games. Unfortunately, it appears the Presidency is thinking he is the father of the country and have all the authority so he is not ready to bow to Martin Amidu. Meanwhile, the truth to all these is that the Presidency is not a position that one can hold on to until death.

The truth is the counter allegations and responses will cause President Nana Akufo Addo and his government to be exposed further since the man in the center of the tussle had suggested a stop to the blame game. The President should know that there are a lot of shreds of evidence whether they are true or not is already making the incumbent unpopular, therefore continuous response and attacks on Martin by people in government will be disadvantageous to the administration.

In another response by Martin Amidu in relation to a letter purportedly written by Nana Bediatuo, the Secretary to the President on November 17, 2020, which read that Amidu “erroneously and without moral or legal basis” decided to defame the National Democratic Congress party under the John Dramani Manama.

Amidu in his response said “he took the decision to investigate the former President John Dramani Manama upon the request of the President Nana Akufo Addo, who had consented as the Chairman of the National Security Council and purely on national security and not politics. Martin denied vehemently the allegations raised because he took the instructions from the President who ordered the investigation.”

Amidu maintained that the President was in the known when he instructed a Minister of State to liaise with him when he the President was on a campaign tour of the Northern Region, to explore whether or not it was prudent to investigate the former President John Dramani Manama after he had won his party’s primaries as the Flagbearer.

According to Martin Amidu the first former Special Prosecutor, “the President was briefed as to the Chairman of the National Security Council as to why the investigation had to be conducted temporarily until after the election. This Amidu said the President Nana Akufo Addo consented to and that he can prove everything mathematically with the precision it deserves if that is what the President wishes ” Amidu retorted.

It is clear there is an ongoing blame game, to push and paint somebody for some wrongdoing, but certainly, as a lawyer who is prescient in his decision and records, he has all the records there to prove his innocence. This would not augur well for the Presidency and the renewal that he is looking for. Ghanaians are watching and listening.

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