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Akufo-Addo’s abysmal performance giving Bawumia & Alan headache – Prof. Brenya

The Head of the Political Science Department of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Professor Edward Brenya has said the economic woes of the country are “domestic-driven” and not as a result of the Russia and Ukraine war.

According to the vociferous lecturer, the country has been mismanaged for a long time under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo who is only but living his childhood dream rather than tackling the challenges of the country.

Speaking to Kwame Minkah on Dwaboase on TV XYZ on the back of Akufo-Addo’s tour of his party’s stronghold, the Ashanti Region, Prof Brenya noted that there was anger among Ghanaians over the high cost of living fueled by incessant increase in the prices of petroleum products and the free fall of the Cedi against the U.S Dollar.

Upon his arrival in Kumasi, the regional capital, traders and street hawkers at Adum booed the convoy of the president, chanting “we’ll vote against you.”

However, Akufo-Addo believes his party has managed to salvage the country from the bad management of hisn predecessor despite a fast depreciation of the Ghana cedi.

The currency continues to fall with no end in sight as the local currency nears ¢13 to a dollar, making the depreciation more than 6%in about three days within this week (October 17-19).

Before his arrival in the region, shop owners at the Central Business District of Kumasi closed their shops to protest high taxes and high cost of doing business but in all his speeches at different programmes in the region, Akufo-Addo maintained that his administration has prudently managed the economy of the country.

Prof Edward Brenya

But Dr Brenya disagrees with the posturing of president Akufo-Addo who has declined sacking his cousin and Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta as the economy crumbles furthermore and needs a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“There is hardship everywhere but the hardship is domestic-driven. A recent survey shows that Ghana has been ranked first with the highest food prices in Sub-Saharan Africa and yet we see nothing being done to mitigate the situation,” said Prof. Brenya who believes Akufo-Addo just enjoys being called a president.

“His aim was to only be a president and he has achieved that so he doesn’t care about anybody again except to praise himself while the people who voted for him suffer in hardship,” he added and stressed that ” his potential successors are not happy because he is driving their party into the ditch..”

To him, the best thing Akufo-Addo could have done was to meet the business community and calm their nerves while accepting responsibility and assuring them of what his government is doing to salvage the situation.

“Listening to the president, I could see he has lost touch with Ghanaians. If he hasn’t lost touch with the reality, he would not defend Ken Ofori-Atta who has poorly managed the finances of the country,” Prof Brenya argued in Akan.

He believes the NPP has to map up a strategy to win back the trust Ghanaians had for them after Akufo-Addo exits office in January 2025.



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