Akufo-Addo’s fight against corruption fighters disastrous – Back Bone of Good Governance

A group calling itself Backbone of Good Governance has said it is disappointed in President Akufo-Addo for failing to combat corruption in his government, citing the resignation of Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu as worrying.

The anti-corruption crusader tendered in his resignation letter to the president on November 16, 2020, citing interference from the presidency which has put Akufo-Addo’s promise to fight corruption in doubt.

According to BBGG, “President Akuffo Addo who rides his election victory on the fight against corruption and prudent management of state resources has defied his own solemn promise” and rather  fighting against statutory agencies established to fight corruption.

The group referred to  the suit against the Auditor General Mr. Yao Demelevo in the performance of his duty as an action that encourages corruption.

Below is the statement;




Corruption has been endemic, it goes deep to the fabric of society wellbeing, it undermines national development and derails the country’s progress in achieving the millennium development goals (MDG’s), diverting public resources for private investment, is a criminal act which must be condemned by all, Agyapa transactions
is typical example.

Africa had remain undeveloped over decades even after the 21st century where nations are advancing from basic developmental issues such as roads,shelter,electricity to technological evolution, we remain straggling with our
basic economic needs.

Leaders on the continent including Ghana profess to fight corruption but corruption turns to fight and defeat them; typical situation is what is happening in Ghana.

President Akuffo Addo who rides his election victory on the fight against corruption and prudent management of state resources has defied his own solemn promise rather fighting against statutory agencies establish to fight corruption, typical and present situation is the suit against the Auditor General Mr. Demelevo
in the performance of his duty.

It is extremely wretchedness and cynicism, the President who is accustomed with the 1992 constitution on matters of fighting corruption would act on directing the Auditor General to proceed on leave because of his demand to the Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo to refund about GH¢ 5.5 million wrongfully paid to Kroll and Associates for no work done, this action diminish the pursuit for good governance, the rule of law and accountable leadership.

In reference to Article 187(13) states that the president’s power of appointment in relation to the Auditor General does not include the power to disappoint and therefore does not give rise to disciplinary powers.

The president actions of forcefully committing the Auditor General(Mr.Domelovo) to leave is a threat to the independence of the Audit service and other independent governing institutions such as judicial service,CHRAJ,EOCO and the electoral commission .

Mr. Martin Amidu resignation from office basically due to political interference in the performance of his duty as alluded in his statement and further comment on several serious corruption related offences which has passed under the carpet, thus corruption allegation made against government machinery and other actors in this administration revealed the president deep sited interest to fight against corruption fighters but pretend.

The full investigation into the anti-corruption assessment report on Agyapa deal on how it should be handled, demonstrates the government failure to the fight against corruption.

Traumatic experience, threats of life and plans directed by the government on how the Agyapa royalties transactions assessment be done whiles key members of President Akuffo Addo’s government refusing to produce documents that would fast rack the special prosecutor investigation, make the office of the special prosecutor untenable.

Our investigation shows that little commitment do members of this administration commit to the fight against corruption, hence has failed woefully in the management of state resources.

The PPA Boss came to office having about GH¢4500 in his bank account, but has accumulated over 15 million cedis and dollar equivalent within this short period according to CHRAJ report.

Agyapa Company is another self-sentence criminal venture the government of President Akuffo Addo has indulged in and therefore the need for officers involve to be brought to face the full rigor of the law as stated in Martin Amidu’s report, our investigation also shows that directors of Agyapa company are not known, the deal was not approved by parliament.

How can you create a company with the state resources without the initial approval by parliament thus contradict the law ,how can you again create external investment portfolio when there is more profitable ventures in Ghana which can yield equally more dividend than that of the external one, create shares for directors who has not contributed to the portfolio and wrongfully commit state resources without parliamentary approval, this is criminal, and should be dissolve and any payment made should be refund to the state.

Martin Amidu risk assessment analysis is not enough to commit officials to prosecution; therefore we recommend criminal assessment be undertaken to ascertain the viability of the compact.

Back Bone of Good Governance demand government to demonstrate commitment to the fight against corruption and desist in interfering the administration of the independent institution which is setup to the fight against corruption.

Thank you

Edem Anansah                                                                                Evans Amoo
Executive Secretary                                                                    Executive Director

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