‘Akufo-Addo’s Gov’t has neglected Lower Manya Krobo’ – MP cries

The Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo, Mr Ebenezer Terlabi, has expressed worry over the lack of development in his constituency under the first term of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

In an interview with host Kwame Minkah on Dwaboase on Power FM, the Legislator recounted how he had championed for various projects in the Lower Manya Krobo area in the last four years under the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration.

“I have talked and lobbied severally for projects only to be disappointed [by this government] in the end,” Terlabi stated as he bemoaned the bad nature of the roads in the area.

He believes the Akufo-Addo led government has neglected the constituency because of their voting pattern in the past elections, citing unfairness in the share of the national cake.

“This government has done nothing in my constituency…For instance if you go to Akuse, you’ll realise that the town roads are very terrible but nobody has come to our aid. During the NDC era, we started with the drains ahead of the rehabilitation of the town roads but when this government took over government, they have totally neglected the project. They only came to grade the roads when elections were approaching but today nothing is ongoing,” the MP lamented.

He said school buildings that were near completion when the NDC was leaving power have been abandoned as residents keepasking questions.

“People have started complaining about roads and the failure to complete some projects yet I have followed up to ensure that these projects are completed but to no avail,” Mr Terlabi disclosed. “Our neighbours in Akropong have had all their roads asphalted yet they were not part of such project from the onset.”

“When it comes to extending  electricity to our villages and other communities, this government has totally failed to continue that project…I don’t know if it is because of our voting patter,” he quizzed.

When asked what he is doing with his own resources, Mr Terlabi stated, ” my resources are not enough. all ai can do is to lobby for projects but they keep failing me…The other time, I sat in in the office of Amewu [then Minister for Energy] till 10 PM and he came to ask me to go home and return some other time.”

“I am doing my best,” he said ” I know I will and continue to always fight for my people.”


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