Alfred Lamptey secures TKO victory over Tanzanian opponent Iddi

Ghanaian boxer Alfred Lamptey triumphed over Tanzania boxer Iddi Kayumba last Saturday in a fierce bout.

Lamptey dominated from round one and eventually had TKO victory over Kayumba.

Power Sports Editor Nana Prempeh (British Man) says “that was the first time I saw a young boxer oozing with confidence and passion to triumph.”

“He [lamptey] was very determined, disciplined, and effective throughout the ten scheduled rounds,” Prempeh added “he exhibited so much energy, power, creativity, endurance and tactics.”

Lamptey is said to have fought against an experienced and quality opponent who gave him the needed test meant for a potential world-beater.

Kayumba the Tanzanian gave Lamptey a good run for his money and brought out the best in him.

Lamptey survived the onslaught of Kayumba due to his conditioning, reflexes, good defense, ring generalship and consistent body shots.

Alfred Lamptey has written his name in the books of Ghanaian boxers penciled down as world-beaters from now on.

In his post-bout commentary, Prempeh said “what is left is a good coaching, excellent management, and promotional team to get him busy all the time.”



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