Alpha Lotto not among NLA’s ‘illegal lottery operators’ – Management

Online lottery operator, Alpha Lotto Limited has insisted that it is not among the list of lottery operators labelled by the National Lottery Authority (NLA) as fraudulent and illegal.

The NLA has cautioned the general public, players of NLA products/services and the media that the only operational and functional official short code of the NLA is *959#, adding that any other platform operating digital lottery short code “is fraudulent and illegal.”

The NLA mentioned Alpha Lotto’s shortcode (*896#) and its live draw on GTV as “illegal and in total breach of the laws governing the lottery industry.”

Alpha Lotto’s Response

But in a statement issued by the management of Alpha Lotto Limited on Monday rubbished the claim of NLA and stated it “does not operate NLA’s 5/90 games under ACT 722 (2006).

“Alpha Lotto Limited per its NLA License, operates its own games under ACT 844 (2012), on its independent platform and marketed through short code *896#.”

The company explained, “Alpha Lotto Limited’s operation is fully compliant with NLA’s registration and licensing conditions under NLA License Certificate QR code – NLA_ALL_1_20 (signed by NLA Director-General, dated 1st July, 2020) under VAG ACT (844).”

Alpha Lotto said they are “required to market their lottery products using digital devices [end-to-end]” This is because the terms of registration and licensing of private sector operators for VAG requires so, especially as NLA has banned the physical, writing of lotteries from booklets or paper, in order for NLA to electronically monitor VAG lotteries licenses’ operations.


Below is the press release of Alpha Lotteries;



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