Amenfi West MP Petitions IGP over assault, alleged thievery by Azugu

The Member of Parliament for Amenfi West Constituency, Mr Eric Afful, has petitioned the Inspector General of police IGP, to investigate the report of assault  and thievery by some National Security operatives during a raid on two Chinese- owned  casinos.

In a CCTV video footage of the raid which happened on May 9, 2021 at Asankragua in the Western Region which has gone viral,  DSP Azugu is seen in Police uniform leading a team of men wielding AK 47s and dressed in mufti with their faces masked.

The men reportedly assaulted staff of the Casinos and seized their phones, refusing to return the item even after the raid.

Mr James Oppong Buonuh is Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

Recounting the sequence of events to the Fourth Estate, staff of the Casino said, the Security operatives, aside from destroying all CCTV cameras on site and the video recordings from the CCTV in the control room, also pocketed dollar bills they found on site without accounting for them.

“When they came in, some of the Chinese guys were playing table tennis. So those of us who were there, they took our phones and they searched their [the Chinese] pockets and took the money they saw there. For these monies, they didn’t account for it. I was here personally so I saw it,” Maxwell Yeboah, a staff of the Casino told The Fourth Estate.

Reacting to the issue on the on the Morning Update on TV XYZ, Mr Afful said his petition was borne out of the unlawful act by the said security officials, saying their act was contrary to the laws sof the land.

“This is not how the National Security operates and this is why I have petitioned the IGP and the interior ministry…Motorists, pedestrians among other people were unlawfully harassed by Azugu and his team,”he recounted

Mr Afful also alleged the team led by DSP Azugu made away with several hoard of gold and a cash estimated to be GHS 3 million.

In his petition, the MP wants to know on whose orders the operatives were acting, why the made away with the money, gold and attacked innocent residents.



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