How to Hack any Phone without physical access

Hacking a phone is now something with so much going on in the world in terms of technology. There is no longer the preserve of government agencies the ability to hack a phone with just a number.

There are simpler ways for the masses, while government agencies have their way of cracking phones with just the number. Some businesses, for example, create phone surveillance software.

Apps for phone surveillance provide the easiest way to hack a phone with only the number. While there are numerous apps for phone hacking, only a few offer exceptional capabilities for phone hacking.

We highlight some of the three quick ways to hack a phone with just the number in this post.

Part 1: Spyic- The most reliable way to hack a phone

Spyic provides a lot of phone hacking functionality as one of the most secure and safest phone hacking applications. It provides more than 35 functions for phone hacking.

Without installation, the software can not only hack a phone with only a phone number but also hack. For devices operating on iOS, such as iPhones, this is particularly true.

The software allows phones running on popular platforms such as iOS and Android to be hacked. To make it simple for the consumer, hacking these platforms takes various approaches.

This is a groundbreaking malware app for phones that can hack nearly all of the target device’s areas. Are you going to hack a phone number with only that number? Then the best way to hack your target is via Spyic.

1.1 Features that make Spyic the #1 app for hacking

When hacking their target, Spyic is famous for providing users with a lot of conveniences. Some of the features are highlighted below that make this phone hacking app stand out.

1. Remote ability to hack

This phone hacking software lets you remotely hack your target phone. This is possible with any web browser. To hack the target, Spyic enables you to log into your dashboard.

To hack your target phone, you just need access to the internet. Hacking your target by using any web browser removes the need to download any special app.

2. Undetectable at 100 percent

All of Spyic’s hacking operations are in Stealth Mode. In the meantime, the app works to make sure that the target never fears that their phone has been compromised.

The app requires very limited device resources to ensure that it does not interfere with the target’s telephone output. The Android version, for example, is 2MB, which takes very little phone room.

There is no installation required on iOS. You just need to have the target’s iCloud credentials. This makes it much more difficult for the goal to suspect they’ve been hacked.

3. No needed rooting or jailbreaking

Spyic uses the latest technologies to ensure that its users do not root the target devices for Android or jailbreak iOS. A landmark has been reached by the Android app that only a few spy apps can boast of.

Users do not need to be technically inclined to install the software, thanks to committed developers and engineers at Spyic. What is more, the target device’s rooting or jailbreaking compromises its security.

It leaves your target susceptible to malicious attacks by hackers and viruses. Fortunately, the protection of the target smartphone is not interfered with by Spyic.

4. Hacking of SIM Card

It is possible to hack your target’s SIM card information. This helps you to view the details of the SIM card, such as IMEI, phone number, and even location details.

The software also allows all incoming and outgoing text messages to be hacked. Incoming and outgoing calls can also be compromised by Spyic. What’s more, once the goal switches your SIM card, Spyic notifies you.

5. Equipped with solid characteristics

Not only can Spyic locate a mobile phone’s location, but it can view all the conversations as well. It can access most social media sites, record passwords, and usernames, for example.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to control virtually any operation on the target computer. So nothing that happens can go unnoticed on the target unit. Over 35 phone hacking capabilities come with the software.

Using Spyic to hack a telephone number
It takes a few steps to hack a phone by only using the number.

Step 1: Visit and sign up for an account on Spyic’s official website. Subscribe to a bundle that is acceptable for you in the process.

Phase 2: It is time to configure the target computer after setting up your account.

For an iPhone, include and check the iCloud goal credentials. Choose the computer linked to the iCloud account that you want to track.

For Android phones, to install the Spyic app, you need physical access to the target device. The app is 2 MB, as stated. It only takes 5 minutes to install the software.

Phase 3: Press Start’ after setting up the device to begin hacking the target device.

Phase 4: In order to hack a phone and monitor a telephone number, login to your Spyic dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the left panel and press the SIM Card button to use your mobile number to hack the phone.

You will have access to the information of the target SIM card, including the carrier and IMEI number, here. Besides, on an interactive map, you can see the present as well as the past locations of the mobile phone.

2nd Part: Cocospy

Another phone hacking software that offers impressive capabilities is Cocospy. Dozens of security features are fitted with the software. The functionality of Cocospy is comparable to Spyic.

Rooting or jailbreaking of the target device is not necessary.

This software also supports iOS and Android devices. Besides the app has a very strong rating of consumer acceptance that compares to that of Spyic. What’s more, millions of users around the globe trust the service.

Cocospy, like Spyic, is a web-based mobile number hacking app that lets you remotely access a phone number. You just need to log in to your Cocospy Control Panel to do this.

Part Three: Glympse

Among the good phone hacking applications is Glympse. It provides a solid set of capabilities for hacking. It allows users to monitor social media operations on the target phone, in addition to hacking the mobile number.

The software comes in models that are standard and premium. Many of the best features are absent from the standard edition. What is disappointing, however, is that even the premium edition needs the rooting of the phone of the target.


If you’re looking for a quick way to use the number to hack a phone, you need a phone hack app. Users can hack any area of the target device using the best basic phone hacking software.

We have established in this article that Spyic is the most appropriate app to hack the phone number of your target. To give you access to anything you need, the app will hack the SIM card on the target computer.

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