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Another unpardonable mistake by the EC

On December 10, 2020, Mrs. Jean Mensah declared Akuffo Addo as the President-elect of Ghana. After the declaration, the EC keeps on changing the presidential results on their websites due to unpardonable mistakes they keep on repeating.

However, in Essikado Ketan constituency, three candidates contested for the parliamentary seat but the EC published six candidates.

So how did the EC manage to get the other candidates who didn’t contest at the above constituency?

Notwithstanding, the EC has published the parliamentary results of the Akwapim South constituency. However, the EC replaced the NDC parliamentary of Akwapim South constituency infamous of the NDC parliamentary candidate of Suame Constituency.

Francis Dodovi’s name was published at Akwapim South constituency, meanwhile, he contested at Suame Constituency.

The mistakes of the Electoral Commission is becoming too much. A highly recognized institution in the country must stop repeating these mistakes.

An institution that holds our democracy through the ballot box must be competent and avoid these silly mistakes.


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