‘Are Chinese more human than Ghanaians?’ – Keta MP criticises Gov’t over galamsey activities

Member of Parliament (MP) for Keta, Mr Kwame Gakpey, has chastised the government for reneging on its duties to curb illegal mining (galamsey) across the country.

According to the MP, foreign nationals especially Chinese have been illegally plowing arable lands in some parts of the country with impunity while the government, which has spent a huge sums of money to deal with the canker, looks on unconcerned.

Mr Gakpey was commenting on the deployment of over 30 military men who were found protecting an illegal mining site at Manso in the Ashanti Region, where several pits filled with water were found deep into the forest.

Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor reports there was confusion between government’s Environmental Sustainably taskforce and the armed military men who were protecting the site.

The journalist reports that for hours, members of the taskforce were surrounded and prevented from moving their vehicles by armed soldiers and a backup of known faces from the Delta Force group led by the owner of Heritage Imperial company, Donald Entsuah.

According to a Joy FM report, there was a near clash between the Ministry of Environment’s sustainability task force and the military who are allegedly acting as security for the miners until the Chinese were subsequently released.

The Luv news team was prevented from filming anything from the site and  overpowered the taskforce and took over. Erastus reports that macho men assaulted Luv Fm’s Erastus Asare Donkor and tampered with the cameras of the news team.

The Chinese have been arrested but reacting to the unlawful act in an interview with host Kwame Minkah on Power 97.9 FM, the Keta MP blamed the government and the Military High Command for the destruction of lands and waterbodies in the Manso area where galamsey activities are rife.

“Are Chinese more human than our Ghanaian youth who are yearning for decent jobs in the mining sector? ” Mr Gakpey quizzed.

Although sources within the Ghana Armed Forces have disclosed the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) has launched investigations into the matter, Mr Gakpey believes the situation is an embarassing moment for  the Ghana government which he said depicts more interest in foreign businesses than Ghanaians.

“The government has said it has tackled illegal mining yet has the locus and temerity to allow foreign nationals to engage in illegal mining, leaving the citizens to their fate,” Gakpey criticised and hastened the government could streamline the activities of small scale mining to createmore jobs for the youth especially at at a time the country’s COVID-19 cases keep soaring rapidly.

“Who authorized those military officers to protect the site?” he asked while condemning the Ghana Armed Forces for negligence of duty.

He concluded by saying the military command cannot feign ignorance of its men deployed to the illegal mining site as well as other sites that may be destroying the country’s lands and rivers through galamsey.


By Henryson Okrah|


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