Arise Ghana demo organisers wanted by Police

The Ghana Police Service has said it will arrest and prosecute organisers of the Arise Ghana demonstration over the chaos that marred the street protest yesterday.

The Police has arrested 29 persons who were part of the demonstration in relation to the violence on Tuesday.

The protest which turned chaotic saw police fire teargas into the protestors during a standoff over the route to use.

The protestors who were demonstrating against the worsening economic hardship in the country were accused by the police of trying to used unapproved routes.

In a statement, Police said the video footages they have are being reviewed and all other persons identified for taking part in the violence will be brought to face justice.

Police said on Tuesday that 12 of its officers who were on duty during the protest were injured following the clash.

Meanwhile, the organisers have blamed the Police for the chaos.


The demonstrators lamented the worsening economic conditions asked the President to institute measures that will immediately bring relieve to them.

Some of them said, they cannot afford to eat twice a day, which is causing misunderstandings in their homes.

“We have to change the constitution. The constitution has given the president too much power to do so many bad things. The constitution allows the President to appoint the IGP, Electoral Commissioner, and the rest. So if the president does something bad, can the IGP arrest him.



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