Arrest of Citi FM journalists evidence of Akufo-Addo’s media suppression – Kale Caesar

Deputy Director of Research for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kale Cesar, has said the dictatorial tactics unleashed on the Ghanaian media and Journalists by the Akufo-Addo’s administration is uncalled for.

Speaking on Morning Update on TV XYZ, the former Deputy Minister for Upper West Region underscored the fact that the media is the fourth estate of the realm and the government’s attempt to suppress the media by harassing journalists under the Akufo-Addo administration gives room to a total culture of Silence as was recently suggested by Sir Sam Jonah.

Kale Caeser’s comment comes on the back of the arrest of two journalists with Citi FM by National Security Operatives.

Zoe Abu-Baidoo Addo was picked up from Citi FM premises Tuesday after her colleague Caleb Kudah had been nabbed for filming at a security zone.

The heavily armed police officers in three Pickup trucks who stormed the premises of the Adabraka-based media house arrived with Kudah in handcuffs.  Reports say he had forwarded what he filmed at the Ministry of National Security to Zoe, and the armed men had to follow up to pick her for questioning.

But Caeser insists the turn of events were shameful, considering the Rambo style approach employed to pick the young journalist.

“Yesterday’s incident was very, very needless. It is not just something that I thought should have happened at all…when I listen to the story and why they were picked up, it is not something I thought should draw this attention,” he noted.

“It is part of the agenda to suppress the media,” Caeser added “All the comments the guy [Caleb Kudah] made are the true reflections of what is happening [in the country].”

Before Tuesday, Kudah had filmed himself at the Independent Square over the weekend where armed  police men had paraded to stop the #FixtheCountry protesters from converging there.

Kudah said the police had acted on the whims of the governing NPP, forgetting that their own conditions of service were in bad taste.

“You have converged here to prevent protesters who are hitting the streets to ask the government to fix the mess in the country yet your apartments are in bad state and look like hencoops,” the journalist is seen saying in Akan.

The former minister agrees with the Citi FM journalist and says this is the time the police have to fight for the country to be fixed.

He quizzed, “Is it not true that our security personnel themselves are not properly housed? Is it not true that the security officers; our police are being used [by the Government] to do things that are not appropriate?

Mr Caeser revealed that, the Rambo style of how Caleb Kudah was handcuffed was utterly unprofessional on the part of the police and affront to the freedom of the media fraternity.

Mr Caeser asserted that, there is absolutely no freedom of expression under NPP government.

“The incessant attacks on Journalists and suppression of varied opinions in the media resulted in the gruesome murder of Ahmed Suale ,since then government has failed to look into the matter and made the perpetrators face the law accordingly” he added


Source:| Ghana

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