Bandex predicted my song “hossana” will be a hit song – Great Ampong

Ghanaian gospel musician Great Ampong has revealed that  Ceo of Bandex productions predicted that  his song “hossana” was going to be a hit before it’s released.

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on Legends show Ampong disclosed that he was adviced to get a producer like Bandex to help project his talent to the world.

“I was adviced to get a good producer like Bandex, since as at the time he didn’t have good artiste aside he being a good producer

The person asked me to go and see him in Newton so he gave me the directions to him, one day I went there with three tracks hossana wasn’t part, it was “mekaniawaye”, “wonyumanis3”and I think “woyare nti”

When I went to him he asked why I’m here and I told him I have a song and God has revealed to me that I have to work with him this year he looked at me and started laughing and asked really .. then he asked for the cd which he didn’t even play .. he said he’s a Muslim so if God speaks to him he will lemme hear from him”


According to the hossana hitmaker he didn’t hear from  Bandex again after that day until one faithful he had a call from requesting his presence in his office.

“According to Bandex one day he was searching for someone’s visa in his office, you know he used to acquire visas for people so while searching he came across my cd ..

He decided to play my song on his way back home while stucked in traffic, so after he got home he called and asked me to come over to his office the following day so I went to his office and he told me I was going to hear from him after a good conversation

Months later he called and asked to see me which I gave him directions to my studio at Taifa and he came there , he asked the number of songs I had and I told him 16..

Then he said I’ve  seen something in you that Ghanaians don’t know I will let God use me to project your talent to the world

So he made us play the song which he made tried correcting and adding up stuff to make it turn out since he had a musical ear up so we came to a conclusion of 8 songs

That time hossana wasn’t part then I told him about it the moment I played it then he said this my hit song” he added 


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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