Breaking News: Gold Coast Management customers to lose their investments after elections – A Plus

Gradually, the countdown has begun and a week separates Ghanaians from the much anticipated 2020 general elections.

As we inch closer to December 7, peace and tranquility will take center stage and tell the world, how critical it is for peace to prevail and how eager Ghanaians are to protect the much-vaunted peace it has.

This election has been touted as one of the competitive elections and its nature rests grounds that the two leading flagbearers are clashing for the third time and also a past immediate president is contesting an incumbent president. It will be a tough contest between President Akuffo Addo and NDC’s John Dramani Mahama.

Kwame Asare Obeng widely known by his showbiz name Kwame A-Plus is a musician turned politician and an avid critic of the Akuffo Addo-led NPP government. He is an anti-corruption campaigner notably for directing the verses in his songs to criticize the government and talk about social issues. Kwame A-Plus has sent a message to the customers of the collapsed financial institutions to be vigilant about the promises made by the flagbearers to pay them they’re locked up funds.

According to Kwame A-Plus, he finds it worrying for the government to continue deceiving the general public that he has paid over 90% of the affected customers. He indicated that he is excited that some aggrieved customers have vowed to vote against the NPP government for failing to pay them their locked up funds.

Speaking in a live video sighted on his official Facebook page, he revealed more secrets concerning the collapse of the banks. According to him, all NPP bigwigs who had their monies in these banks withdrew the money before the banks were collapsed. This shows that this government does not care about you and your wellbeing said A-Plus.

He also advised the affected customers not to exercise their franchise until they are paid first before December 7 because these parties cannot be trusted in terms of delivering their own promises.
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He said, “If you are a customer of collapse financial institutions and anyone promises to pay. Make sure you collect your money before you vote. Don’t let anybody lie to you. Even if these banks were private, they were duly registered by the SEC. The government wanted to collapse Menzgold to protect the customers. So, where is the protection? Is it that they should go and stay at home?”

He added, “Don’t believe in those promises. If you don’t get your money before December 7 it means you will not be paid. There were many NPP stalwarts who hand money in the banks before the collapse. I dare them to deny that they all took their monies from the banks before collapsing them. NPP is the definition of hypocrisy.”

Watch the full video here

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