Bridal shower and “save the date”photoshoots are unnecessary – Counselor Adumatta


While photoshoots and bridal shower have become a norm for couples who are preparing for marriage  Counselor Kweku Adumatta believes is not right. 

Speaking on “my lawyer my counselor” show hosted by Daakyehene the counselor adviced that,  bridal shower and photoshoots are not the premises for marriage rather couples should take counseling seriously.

“Counseling is very key in courting, but those getting married  are just excited about the wedding ,  bridal shower and all the stuff attached to weddings are totally wrong and that’s what is killing us because it destroys the foundation”

According the Adumatta marriage should be between the couple and their God there’s no need revealing it to the public.


“If one is getting married it’s only God who has to know instead of making it public with bridal shower and what not, he said 

“Is not everyone who needs to know that you are getting married and not all ears that needs to hear but you’ve broadcasted your marriage to the whole world; he added “


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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