Chelsea “Deportees” Reward Manager’s Decision

It is always an interesting time when new managers are appointed to a club, all players especially under-performing players and those who had grudges with the previous manager strive to give off their best to gain the attention of the new manager and possibly translate it to maximum gametime.

Also, players who felt disgruntled under the erstwhile manager and felt the need to leave will rethink that decision.

With the sacking of Frank James Lampard, certain players who were ostracized under his reign have now been given a lifeline with a return to first-team action, Marcos Alonso is one of such players.

Marcos has not played more than forty-five(45) minutes since October. In fact, the last time he played was against WestBrom where at half time Chelsea were 3 goals down.

According to reports, Alonso was subbed off during the break due to poor performance, angry,he stormed off into the team bus. This did not sit well with then gaffer,Frank Lampard, who froze him out of the first team.

Under new manager,Thomas Tuchel, Alonso has been given another opportunity to “justify his inclusion”. Marcos Alonso has showed that featuring as a left back in a back four is not his forte rather he excels in a back 3 sytem where he acts a left wing back.

On Alonso’s return to action, he scored against Burnley on Sunday to consolidate Chelsea’s lead and eventual win. Therefore it is fair to say that he was absolutely “spot on”.

Rüdiger too has also given a good account of himself by bagging two clean sheets in the first two games of the “Tuchel era”.

As to whether, it is just a fluke or a true representation of their hunger to prove Lampard wrong, time will tell.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm

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