Claanti Foundation supports breast cancer patients in Ahafo

After a spirited breast cancer sensitization programme in Ghana’s Ahafo Region, Claanti Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO), has instituted measures to offer support for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

After screening hundreds of women in Hwidiem and its environs in collaboration with the St. Elizabeth Catholic Hospital, twenty-eight (28) women were found to be developing cancer in their breasts last month.

According to health practitioners from the hospital, various therapy plans were put in place for the women most of whom reside in farming communities.

Claanti Foundation CEO who was represented by the Senior Manager of the Foundation,  Mr. Owusu Yaw Ansah, indicated that the financial support to the women was possible through the collaboration of  Germany-based GINGKO Analytics GmbH and GINGKO Management Consulting GmbH.

He said the breast cancer screening for the rural folks as part of the ‘Pink October’ events that were held worldwide to save women from dying from cancers was a real life-saving event.

Senior Data Scientist for GINKGO Analytics GmbH, Sebastian Nichtern said they were touched by the efforts of the Foundation’s CEO to help the needy.

“I had a chance to meet this wonderful woman from Ghana, last year in Hamburg Germany. She told me about her experience of getting cervix cancer and seeing a lot of other people in the hospital finding themselves in the same or similar situation,” he recalled.

“I found it incredibly inspiring how she took this background and her compassion towards others as motivation to do something about it and founded the Claanti Foundation. I knew I wanted to help and take even a little part in that. Luckily I found some very supportive people in my company who helped scale the action,” Nichtern stated.

The campaign began on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, is to create awareness and educate women in the Ahafo area on the dangers associated with the failure to do breast screening.



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