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Coup surge in Africa: Parliament must act to save Ghana – Expert

Security Consultant Richard Kumadoe has charged Parliament to act swiftly to sustain Ghana’s democracy as there has been a coup surge in Africa.

His comments come after the recent military overthrew President Roch Kabore’s government in neighboring Burkina Faso. Gunfire was heard overnight near the presidential palace and at barracks in the capital, Ouagadougou after which the coup was announced.

President Roch Kaboré’s whereabouts are not known yet although there are conflicting reports on whether he has been detained by dissident forces.

The incident which follows similar military takeovers at Mali and Guinea has heightened insecurity in the sub-region, Kumadoe notes.

He said general insecurity in West Africa is becoming a major concern for the onlookers, especially those who drive investment into the region to ensure development projects are spread onto member states.

Speaking to Piesie Okrah on TV XYZ Tuesday night, Mr. Kumadoe pointed to “governance inconsistencies” and escalation in corruption in Africa as the factors that trigger such overthrows.

Advising the country to beef up border control management, the security expert disclosed that the safety of the countries within the sub-region is shaky until the governments embrace transparency and have their priorities right.

“One of the institutions that can facilitate democracy is Parliament. Particularly when you run a parliamentary democracy or presidential democracy, it will be imperative that we focus on Parliament…Not the individuals but as an institution,” he stated as he urged for accountability to be prioritized.

“The political leaders have to sit up …and align the national resources to national development. If that is not done and demonstrations become many, they create internal insecurity which can trigger these kinds of unrests,” Kumadoe cautioned.

Parliament Setting Stage for Coup in Ghana

As the insecurity heightens in the Sub-Sahara, Ghana’s Majority Chief Whip in Parliament, Frank Annor Dompreh, has warned that happenings in the 8th Parliament are creating the grounds for military intervention, Starr FM reports.

The 8th Parliament has been characterised by chaos over major decisions such as the introduction of the E-levy.

Frank Annoh Dompreh is MP for Nsawam-Adoagyiri

Annor Dompreh told Fawe FM in Nsawam that “but where we are heading towards, we the MPs are setting the stage for something like this [Military intervention ] to happen. It is very sad.”

Expressing concerns over the nature of disagreements in the House, the Nsawam -Adoagyir MP noted, “Where we are now in fact, look, if we members of Parliament do not advise ourselves, should something happen, all of us will be affected. And if you look at our history, anytime there has been this military intervention, Parliament stands dissolved first. So that has affected Parliament.

“Parliament is not very strong. So we want to build Parliamentary democracy but because of military interventions it is not very strong”.



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