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Courts closed down as JUSSAG strike begins

Th Supreme court

Reports from various courts in Accra indicate that the facilities have been empty as the members of the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG) begin their strike action today.

The leadership of the Association on Wednesday afternoon summoned members to an emergency meeting and  declared an indefinite strike over government’s failure to approve their reviewed salaries and other allowances of its members.

JUSAG in a statement accused the government of consistent dishonesty in attending to the conditions of service and other emoluments owed its members.

The Association said its proposals to the government on the implementation of the approved cost of living allowance for members were not urgently attended to.

This has resulted in the quietness at the courts as the strike has finally taking effect.

There was no activity at the High Court Complex in Accra where there are usually a lot of activities from lawyers, litigants and others attending the courts on Thursday afternoon.

Court attenders who had not heard the news were seen loitering around with others stranded.


The strike comes after ultimatums issued government to address demands for the approval of salary increases and payment of arrears from January 2023 expired on May 19.

JUSSAG said it had previously written to President Akufo-Addo to approve the recommendation of the Judicial Council for a review of salaries and related allowances for staff of the Judicial Service in line with Article 149 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana but were ignored.

The Association also complained about the withdrawal of the Cost of Living Allowance in December 2022, amid the economic difficulties in the country, concluding that its members had shown patience enough.




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