Covid-19: Ghanaians issued two hours to finalise ceremonies, funerals

On Monday President Nana  Akufo-Addo issued new directives stating that all funeral services in must not exceed two hours and only family members are allowed to attend.

The directive came as the nation is grappling with surging cases of covid-19 which has surpassed 10,000.

Akufo-Addo said that all ceremonies, including funerals, weddings and other custom ceremonies must not exceed 2 hours.

This he Saïd will reduce  the time frame with which individuals can be in contact thus reducing the infection rates in such gatherings.

The President further added that the after party celebration in weddings are banned till further notice and weddings can only last at most two hours and are confined among family members only.



He also directed that all funeral gatherings must be conducted in an open space and under strict adherence to the Covid-19 regulations.

Over 1 million Ghanaians have received at least a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine and this number is expected to rise given the fact that the West African nation is expecting to innoculate over 17 million adult population very soon.

Traveling to and from Ghana is still possible given that those arriving must present a PCR test done within 72 hours before departure and must also quarantine for at least two weeks.

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