‘CPP still relevant in Ghana politics’ – Nana Yaa Jantuah

General Secretary of the  Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Yaa Jantuah has discounted claims that the CPP is dead and not relevant in the political space of the country.

He said the party, founded by Ghana’s first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah, is a force to reckon with despite the “forces” that seek to impede its progress, explaining that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are not the most vibrant political parties in the country.

“We are very relevant. The fact is that people cite these two parties (NPP and NDC) but in conversations elsewhere, they will tell you that the CPP is very relevant,” she told XYZ Tonight host Prince Minkah on TV XYZ Monday night.

Touching on the strength of the CPP Nana Yaa Jantuah said the party has suyrvived the turbulence that hit it ever since Dr Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown and pledged the new leadership will reorganize the party’s base to be able to win the 2024 elections.

Recounting the breakaway of  Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom from the CPP in 2012 and how that has affected the party She said, “he [Nduom] didn’t leave alone. He sent a chunk of our people away. The base of our human resource was taken away” but was quick to add that the CPP will survive.

“A party that went through coup d’etat process in 1966; it was banned and everything about the CPP was banned. Can you imagine? Even the name of Nkrumah; anything CPP was banned but we survived. Then there was a coup of Acheampong which was a junta [with] no political activity down the line up to 1979. Then we reorganize after 3 months, then we come to power, then in 18 months we are hit by another coup d’etat and there is no political activity and still we survived.

She continued, “How many parties will survive [this]? So a party with 3 coup d’etats; 2 outside, one internal and a chunk of our people are taken away.”

Asked if the forces that seek to break the CPP still exist, Nana Yaa Jantuah told Prince Minkah, “Why is it not existing?”

“We are fighting them by organizing, we are fighting them by making sure that we are not breaking, we are fighting them by letting everybody know that the CPP will never die and that Kwame Nkrumah will never die.”

She stated that the CPP has the country at heart and will not misuse the resources that will be entrusted into their care when voted to power which she envisages will happen in 2024, stating that the CPP gave birth to Ghana and can nurse the country’s wounds very well and put the country on track.

She asked Ghanaians to consider voting the CPP to govern and stressed, “we think about this nation. We have empathy because when you give birth to a child and something [bad] happens to the child you feel it. Why is it that today you go to the hospital and you do not get the requisite medicine to make you alright?”

To her, it is bad for leaders “at the helm of affairs” of the country to be carried to seek medical care outside the country whilst the poor are not catered for well in the rural parts of the country.

She said, a CPP government will put the people first and work in their interest unlike the two main political parties that have managed the country since the beginning of the Fourth Republic.



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