Dababy Plans To Retire In Five Years

DaBaby may still be a new jack in the music industry, but the rapper doesn’t plan on sticking around as an artist for too much longer.

In a recent interview with XXL, DaBaby announced his intentions to get out of rapping in the near future. “Five year’s I’m (going to) be retired in five years,” he said.

Now when he says “retired,” he doesn’t mean fully out of the industry. Instead, DaBaby plans on helping others realize their dreams. “I won’t be rapping,” he said. “I’ll be creating other superstars.”

So far, this dream is already a reality. He’s  founded a record label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, and currently has five artists: Stunna 4 Vegas, KayyKilo, Rich Dunk, DJ K.i.D., and Wisdom.

Speaking about his record label, DaBaby revealed how optimistic he is about its growth. “Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, five years, definitely (going to) be like one of the hottest labels in the game,” he said.

DaBaby also addressed how he has maintained his career during the pandemic that’s seriously impacted the music industry.

“The way that I put sh*t together leading up until the pandemic definitely put me in the position to, right when the pandemic hit, like, I leveled up completely,” he said. “I’m on a, you know what I’m saying, a whole other wave right now.”


Source: BET

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