Dear Men, your woman is cheap if she does any of these 6 things

Today we bring to you an article on the six signs you will see in your woman as a man and you know that your woman is cheap.

1. If a woman is not easily satisfied in bed, she would do anything or go anywhere to get satisfied, and that is not a good sign for any good woman.

2. If your woman still finds it difficult or uncomfortable to fart in your presence, then it is clear evidence. It also means that she does not love you that much, and she is not ready to spend the rest of her life with you. Even the Bible said, that the man and woman were naked but they are not ashamed.

3. If your woman is not financially dependent, she can meet anyone or do anything to get money thereby bringing herself so low to get money or even to eat.

4. If your woman never calls you with the cards you sent to her, then it is clear evidence that she is cheap. You send her airtime and still calls her to know if she had received it, but if she is not cheap and loves you, she would call immediately she had gotten the airtime.

5. If your girlfriend borrows money from you all the time without her paying back. If she is not cheap, she would not borrow “all the time”. Borrowing is not bad but borrowing all the time is really a bad sign.

6. Any woman that steals from her man is considered cheap. And she can really not be trusted as she can do anything, and also she can fall into any bad thing easily.

What is your take on this? We would love to hear from you, as your opinion is very much important to us.

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