Death of fishes at Ghana’s coast: Oceanographers suspect marine pollution

Oceanographers suspect the death of thousands of fishes at Ghana’s coast last weekend could be as a result of marine pollution, as the Food and Drugs Authority ( FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies have begun comparing notes after taking samples of dead fishes for investigation.

Hundreds of dead dolphins together with other sea mammals were sighted at the shore of Axim-Bewire in the Western region and Keta in the Volta Region the past few days.

Although the cause of death has not been established, the dead dolphins found at Axim-Bewire on April 4, have gone missing while processed dolphins now attract high market prices in the area.

Socio-environmental NGO, Friends of the Nation, suspects three things could have resulted in the mammals washed ashore. These include pollution and use of tuna purse seine nets, or underwater noise due to seismic survey interrupting their normal behaviour  thereby driving them away from areas important to their survival.

Meawhile, the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development has begun investigations into the death of some large species of fish spotted at the Osu-Castle beach on Friday, April 2.

In a press release dated April 4, the Ministry revealed that a team from the Fish Health Unit has visited the scene after receiving reports on April 3, about the death of the fishes.

The statement also indicated that “seawater samples and fish samples have been collected to carry out examinations on the fish gills.”

“Other historical examinations will be conducted to carry out any pathological cause,” it added whilst assuring that the ministry is ” working hard to ascertain the actual cause of mortality of the fish.”



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